Universal Wheelchair Ramp Heating

Do you have a wheelchair ramp that is covered in snow or ice? The universal wheelchair ramp heating can be installed on many of the popular aluminum wheelchair ramps.  With our exclusive radiant heating design you can melt the recent snow storm or keep dangerous ice from building up causing a slippery hazard to family, friends and other professionals visiting your home. 

Radiant Wheelchair Ramp Heating

Radiant heating is efficient, safe and much less maintenance then heating with a traditional furnace.  This is one of the many reasons it's quickly becoming the preferred heating method for many new homes. Radiant heating has tubing placed underneath the area you are wanting to heat up, using a heater to warm the liquid in the lines and a pump to push the warm liquid through the lines.  This basic design is how we build efficient, reliable wheelchair ramp heating systems that you can be sure to meet the demands of the coldest and snowiest winters.

Safe - Attractive - Efficient Wheelchair Ramp Heating

Designed specifically for wheelchair ramps, our heating system simply attaches to the bottom side of all platform and ramp sections of your wheelchair ramp. These low profile cassettes enclose the bottom of the wheelchair ramp and only have a thickness of 1 Inch.  With this effective design we maximize the basic rules of heat and that it will rise and enclose the bottom side with our cassette to push the heated air up and keep wind or cold air out.  This is all achieved while having the wheelchair ramp maintain it's original appearance and not having multiple extension cords to power it.




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