Wheelchair Threshold Ramps MN

If you need to make entering and exiting your home easier for your wheelchair or scooter, choose from many Wheelchair threshold ramps built to make smooth transistions through door ways around your home. Threshold ramps come in many rises to meet your exact need.  You can choose from wheelchair threshold ramps built from high strength aluminum or solid rubber mats.  LiveAbility products provide a smooth and strong transition for all door and threshold types for any home in Minnesota. Click on the photos above to learn more about the features and benefits of the various types of threshold ramps. 

Wheelchair Threshold Ramp Shipped Directly to You

LiveAbility can ship any threshold ramp directly to your home or business. Simply measure the rise or distance from the ground or floor to the bottom of the doorway. Be sure to take into account any weatherstripping or obstructions that could prevent the door from clearing the ramp. You can have the threshold in as little as two business days. For available sizes and pricing, contact us today to get a free quote.