Multi Fold Wheelchair Ramp

Starting at $199 - The most portable wheelchair ramp is the multi fold Wheelchair Ramp.  These ramps can be easily folded up to be compact and do not require much space to store when not in use. Load the portable multifold wheelchair ramp in you car, truck, minivan or SUV when you visit friends and family who have steps making wheelchair access difficult

Multi Fold Wheelchair Ramp Features

Listed below are the great benefits and features of the multi fold Wheelchair Ramp. 

  • Slip-Resistant Surface - This ramp features an applied slip-resistant surface which gives the user the confidence to walk or wheel safely on and off the ramp.  

  • Self-Adjusting Bottom Transition - The bottom of the Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp offers self-adjusting transition plates to make the conversion from portable ramp to the ground easy and safe.

  • Suitcase Ramp Hinge Separation - The Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp can separate easily into two sections by simply removing the hinge pins.

  • Ergonomically Designed Handles - The Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp is easy to carry with the ergonomically designed handles that are on both sections. The handles are comfortable and flexible to hold and will not break.


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