Recycled Rubber Wheelchair Threshold Ramps

All rubber wheelchair threshold ramps LiveAbility offers  are made of 100% recycled rubber and can be easily notched or trimmed to fit many doorway needs.  If your home has multiple locations where you need the rubber threshold mat you can easily move it from one location to the next.  For multiple doorway needs, LiveAbility also offers rubber wheelchair threshold ramps to be purchased in pairs to save on cost. Get wheelchair and scooter access to your home while also choosing an eco-friendly solution.

Wheelchair & Scooter Rubber Threshold Ramps For Your Home

Transitions Modular Entry Mats offered by LiveAbility are Slip-Resistant and ideal for both wheelchair and scooter users needing affordable solutions to gain safe and reliable access to their home.  It will be smooth and quiet entering or exiting your home when rolling over our rubber threshold ramps versus aluminum threshold ramps which can creek as you roll over them.

Rubber Threshold Ramp Features

Rubber threshold ramps are a quick and affordable solution for you to gain access to your home with your wheelchair and scooter.  These rubber threshold ramps are designed to be for entryways around the home that have drops between 2"-2.5". If you are looking for a rubber threshold for your home that is greater than 2.5'' we do have optional risers that are available.

Indoor & Outdoor Use Rubber Threshold Ramp

Affordable wheelchair access solutions for your home that can be used both indoors and outdoors.  Simply place the rubber threshold ramp at the door entry and have quick and safe access to entering and exiting your home in either a wheelchair or scooter.

Rubber Threshold Ramps Create Smooth Transitions

The Modular Entry Mat sits directly against the door sill that has the rise.  It is so portable and lightweight you can move it from place to place making all your doorways at home accessible for wheelchairs and scooters.

Rubber Threshold Optional Risers

With the optional rubber risers, the rubber threshold ramp can be combined to a maximum height of 4 3/4". 

Common Use For Rubber Wheelchair Threshold Ramps

Solid Rubber Threshold  Ramps from LiveAbility work great for any doorway inside or outside your home.  You will still be able to open and close your door smoothly and easily.  These work especially great with sliding glass doors going to your deck or porch.  Built from recycled rubber, these tough ramps will give years of smooth and safe entry or exit for your home. Click on the photo above to learn more about the great benefits and features of rubber threshold ramps. Contact LiveAbility today to set up a obligation free home consultation across Minnesota.

Width Options 36" Easily trim to fit 
Colors Black, Grey, Brown
Material Recycled Rubber
Rise 1.5 - 2.5 Inches
Warranty 1 Year

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