Now available in North America, the Nightingale Stair Lift is part of Prism’s expanding new line of home accessibility products. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, the unit is equipped with a seat belt and harness, safety edges, a diagnostic display, and wireless remote controls to call and park the lift.

The Nightingale stair lift has been designed specifically for residential applications and fits unobtrusively into most homes.

Our stair lifts are thoroughly checked and tested before leaving the factory and come with a full warranty and guarantee.  Additionally, the continuously charged on-board batteries ensure that they lift will continue to operate even in the event of a power failure.


  • Safety Edges
  • Joystick
  • Remote Controls
  • Seat Belt and Harness
  • Footrest Raisers
  • Continuously charged on-board battery


Model Specification


Maximum Weight Capacity:

Single user 265lb or 120kg

Maximum Speed:

.09 m/s or 16 ft/min

Drive Method:

Steel rack and pinion drive system


24 v DC motor 200W


Worm and wheel self-locking drive with oil lubrication

Carriage Construction:

Fabricated steel chassis plate construction


Extruded aluminum section

Stair angle range:

25 degrees to 50 degrees

Safety Measures:

Over speed governor and spring applied brake

Power Supply:

24v DC (supplied by 2 x 12v 7.2 A/Hr batteries)

Battery Charging:

Continuous battery charging via copper strip on rail

Guide Rollers:

12 x rollers with sealed lubricated ball bearings

Isolation Key Switch:

Fitted as Standard

Lap Seatbelt:

Supplied as standard

Powered Swivel Seat

Available as option 

Seat to Footrest Link:

Available as option 


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