How do you determine the length of a wheelchair ramp needed for your home?

To find out what the safest and easiest size of modular ramp you need for your home, you will first need to know the rise of your doorway. The rise is the total height from the ground to the door threshold. Once you know how many inches it is you can then determine the length of the ramp to be ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant. The correct ratio is 12:1. This means that for every inch of rise you need a foot of ramp. So if you have a 21” rise, you will need 21’ of ramp length to ensure you have the safest and easiest ramp to ascend and descend. This length does not account for platforms and/or landing pad length as these pieces are level for turns and entry/exit points. 

You will also need to factor into account how much area you have near the doorway to allow for the ramp distance. For instance, you may want the ramp at the front door or perhaps out of the elements and in the garage. Knowing both the rise and the location of the ramp will then give you a better idea of the investment needed. 

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