Wheelchair Ramp For Your Home

Pathway Modular Wheelchair Ramp Systems will be a great solution to make residential homes wheelchair accessible.  These removable & affordable wheelchair ramp systems offer more configuration flexibility, maintenance free construction and offer greater stability than portable ramps you might currently use.  Built in America, the pathway modular wheelchair ramp systems can combine platforms, ramps, stairs & landing pads to build the wheelchair ramp exactly to the space you have.

Heavy Duty Home Wheelchair Ramp

Feeling safe traveling up and down your wheelchair ramp will become a concern quickly if you feel unstable.  All of our wheelchair ramp systems built for your home have capacities of 850 lbs.  Built from strong and durable aluminum it will not require any maintienace to keep it decay free like other systems available.  Each ramp, platform, stairs or landing pad has deep treds stamped in each piece to add plenty of traction in all conditions across the Midwest.

Powder Coated Home Wheelchair Ramp Options

LiveAbility home wheelchair ramps come standard in the classic aluminum finish.  If you want to customize your modular wheelchair ramp we offer the option to powder coat all pieces including handrails, ramps, platforms, stairs, gates and landing pads.  To compliment the exterior of your home choose from black, architectural broze and tan are three standard color options.  Additional colors are available by request.