Affordable Modular Wheelchair Ramps

With home modular wheelchair ramps, you can make your home accessible to wheelchairs or scooters quick and easy.  LiveAbility offers the semi-permanent Pathway wheelchair ramp for your home and can be configured to meet any residential need no matter how big or small.  Simply combine platforms, ramps, gates and stairs to offer the most affordable option available to make your home wheelchair accessible.  This American-made aluminum wheelchair ramp system for your home requires ZERO Maintenance and in most case will not require a permit to assemble.  If you desire a wheelchair ramp for you home that matches your homes exterior, LiveAbility has the optional powder coating available to all Pathway Wheelchair Ramps for you home.

Maintenance Free Modular Wheelchair Ramps 

Choose from many brands and configurations of modular wheelchair ramp for any home.  No matter how little or tall the vertical rise you need your modular wheelchair ramp to be for your home, you can be sure that LiveAbility has many solutions that will be maintenance free for years to come.  All of our modular wheelchair ramps are constructed from high quality aluminum.

Home Modular Wheelchair Ramp Benefits

  • Quick Installation
  • Building Permits Not Required
  • Easily Re-configurable 
  • Will Not Damage Home or Property
  • Zero Maintenance For Life
  • VA & Other Third Party Funded