Self Supporting Wheelchair Ramp

These self supporting wheelchair ramps are designed to make your home wheelchair accessible at the most affordable cost 2nd to portable ramps.  Have the option to order these self supporting wheelchair ramps with or without handrails.  The 1-piece design allows for fast and easy assembly.  Built in the USA, this self supporting wheelchair ramp will not decay, rot or require any maintenance to the aluminum construction.

Heavy Duty Self Supporting Wheelchair Ramp

Safer than portable wheelchair ramps, the heavy duty self supporting wheelchair ramp rest on the top of stairs with a heavy duty upper transition that supports the entire weight of the wheelchair ramp and it's users.  Have smooth ground transition with the integrated design that also allows for proper and safe securement for years of reliable use.  Because these type of ramps support themselves by design, they are the fastest, easiest and most affordable wheelchair ramp LiveAbility offers.

Wheelchair Ramp Product Features

Slip Resistant Surface

Designed with a permanent slip resistance surface, you can count on your wheels keeping traction in all conditions.

No Assembly Required

This 1-piece design wheelchair ramp requires no assembly is required.  Simply place the wheelchair ramp in position and it's ready for use.

Lightweight, Heavy-Duty Aluminum

The Lightweight, heavy duty aluminum Gateway wheelchair ramp requires ZERO maintenance.  It has weight capacities of 850 lbs and comes with a lifetime warranty.  This means it will be more durable than wood and can survive in any condition it's placed in.