Suitcase Wheelchair Ramps 

Compact folding suitcase wheelchair ramps make loading wheelchairs and scooter possible in many vehicles at affordable prices.  Expensive wheelchair and scooter lifts can leave you stranded and cost thousands of dollars whereas Suitcase Folding Wheelchair vehicle ramps are the most reliable and affordable ramps for transporting your wheelchair or scooter.

Easy To Fold Suitcase Wheelchair Ramps

Tri-folding wheelchair ramps is the largest portable wheelchair ramp LiveAbility offers in sizes from 5' to 10' feet in length.  This is the perfect solution for wheelchair access over curbs, steps or getting your wheelchair or scooter into your vehicle.  Each suitcase folding ramp has a slip-resistant surface and self-adjusting bottom transitions plates , this help makes for easy transitions from ramp to ground.  Learn more how the suitcase tri-folding wheelchair can be the perfect accessible solution to your vehicle.

Affordable Suitcase Ramps For Vans & SUV's

Fast, safe and easy wheelchair ramps to safely load your wheelchair or scooter into your van or suv.  Quickly unfold your suitcase wheelchair ramp, set in in place and load or unload your mobility device from your van or suv and save thousands over expensive lifts.  LiveAbility offers many lengths to meet your exact need.  Contact our friendly team members at LiveAbility to learn more how the suitcase wheelchair ramp can be the perfect solution to loading your wheelchair or scooter into your home or vehicle safely.

Tri-Folding Suitcase Wheelchair Ramps Benefits

Suitcase wheelchair ramps offer immediate accessible solutions for your Van or SUV.  LiveAbility features lightweight, affordable tri-folding suitcase wheelchair ramp options that offer many benefits.  Below you can find a few popular benefits our suitcase ramps offers.

  • Affordable Solutions To Load Scooter & Wheelchair  Into Vehicles
  • Easy to travel with 
  • Fast & Easy Set Up
  • Choose From 5' to 10' Lengths
  • HD 800 lbs capacities
  • Anti-Slip Traction Built In

Two Piece Ramp Design

To make your suitcase ramp even easier to travel with, it separates into a two piece design that separates to make carrying even easier and lighter.  Interlocking ramp hinges help simplify setting the suitcase ramp or or taking it down.

Optional Vehicle Top Lip Extension

The folding wheelchair ramp has one optional attachment, the Top Lip Extension.  With the Top Lip Extension you can add between 3'' and 9'' to your wheelchair ramp's top lip.  This allows for extra valuable reach to help clear your vehicles rear bumper.  Adding the Top Lip Extension to your folding wheelchair ramp makes loading or unloading your wheelchair or scooter into your Van or SUV much easier.


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