Frequently Asked Questions About Making Your Home Wheelchair Accessible 

Adapting your home to become wheelchair accessible can be affordable and quickly accomplished by the knowledgeable and friendly staff at LiveAbility.  Our available products for home accessibility are continuously growing as we work with customers needing new innovative products.  Below are questions that we are commonly asked. If your question is not listed below, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions or find the correct answers if we haven't already found a solution.

Modular Wheelchair Ramp FAQs

Q - What is the maintenance on my modular wheelchair ramp for my home?

A - NONE. LiveAbility will only recommend a full aluminum wheelchair ramp for your home or business.  Unlike wood wheelchair ramps that will require excessive maintenance to keep the wood from rotting and weakening, aluminum modular wheelchair ramps will not need maintenance to keep it safe and looking great.

Q - How long will it take to install a modular wheelchair ramp on my home or business?

A -  The installation of your modular wheelchair ramp will be completely installed in just 1 day, many times in just a couple of hours.  If needed LiveAbility has a large inventory of stock wheelchair ramps and can complete the install the next day if desired.

Q - What if I move or no longer need the wheelchair ramp for my home or business?

A - Modular wheelchair ramps can be removed very quickly with no damage or change to the home or business before, during or after the wheelchair ramp is removed.  This is also another benefit to aluminum modular wheelchair ramps.

Q - Do you need a permit to install a modular wheelchair ramp on my home in Minnesota?

A - No, because the wheelchair ramp is a floating system it typically will not require a permit because of no footings are needed for the installation.  It's always best to check with local codes and regulations and if LiveAbility will be completing the installation we will complete this before installing the ramp.  If you intend to install the system on your own, we would recommend you check with local codes in your area.

Q - Can you install the modular wheelchair ramp in my garage?

A - Yes, LiveAbility will complete an obligation free consultation to fully understand the vertical rise, door entry placement, space available and other variables considered with request for all customers.  Once the onsite visit is completed we will offer up available wheelchair ramp configurations based off the vertical rise, available space and considerations for vehicles among many other variables.  It will always be the customer to decide what is best for them, not pressured sales to get the job.

Q - What is the recommended slope for a modular ramp?

A - ADA guidelines recommend at least a 1:12 slope meaning for every inch of rise there needs to be one foot of ramp. For example, if the rise from the ground to the entrance to your home is 14”, you will need 14’ of ramp. 

Q - What is the maximum rise and width that I can have for a modular home ramp?

A - The maximum rise is 60" and the maximum width is 48". The standard width for modular home ramps is 36" which complies with ADA guidelines.

Q - What can I do to melt or remove snow or ice on my ramp during the winter months?

A - Depending on the amount of ice or snow, you may need to sweep or shovel the snow prior to treating your aluminum ramp with an ice melt. LiveAbility recommends that you DO NOT use rock salt or any calcium chloride ice based ice melt which will deteriorate the surface of the ramp and also void the warranty. Instead, we recommend that you use a magnesium based ice melt which is enhanced with CMA (calcium magnesium acetate) for fast and effective results. Plus it is environmentally friendly and safe for pets and kids to be around. It will not harm grass, wood, concrete, metals, or other vegetation when used as directed. 

Q - What lengths are available for aluminum modular home ramps?

A - Lengths range from 2' to 10' sections and can be configured to fit any length needed. 

Q - Will I need a platform for my ramp? 

A - It will depend on the area where the ramp will be installed. In many cases, platforms are very useful to create a level surface area when entering and exiting the home or business. A ramp can then be connected on three difference sides giving you the ability to customize your ramp configuration to go straight out, turn, turn back, or be angled (includes 45 and 90 degree turns and switchbacks). Contact LiveAbility to discuss your specific configuration needs. 

Q - What sizes are available for platforms?

A - Platforms come in the following sizes: 3'x5', 4'x5', 5'x5', 6'x6', and 5'x8'. Commercial platforms come standard at 5'x7'. 

Q - What is the weight capacity for a wheelchair ramp and platform for a home?

A - The aluminum ramps and platforms are rigorously tested and can hold up to 800 lbs. Made of aluminum, these ramps and platforms are lightweight and durable to install and remove. 

Q - Can I put steps on a platform?

A - Yes, we offer several sizes of steps with handrails and even a gate to offer additional access points to the home as well as keep the platform safe for users. 

Vertical Platforms and Stair Lift FAQs

Q - What is the difference between a VPL (vertical platform lift) & Stair Lift?

A - This is a very good question, the VPL ( vertical platform lift) will allow the wheelchair or scooter user to remain in the mobility device when using the wheelchair or scooter lift.  If you or the individual who uses the wheelchair or scooter has difficulty with transferring or does not want to transfer, the vertical platform lift will make accessing your home quick, safe & transfer free.  Stair Lifts are great solutions to make any home more accessible throughout, but they do require either a side to side transfer or a stand and sit transfer.






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