Adjustable Aluminum Wheelchair Threshold Ramps

Starting at $108.12 - The Adjustable Wheelchair Threshold Ramp can be vertically adjusted from 1-3/8'' to 5-7/8'' tall with independent legs and swivel feet. This type of threshold ramp is ideal for doors that swing in and out as well as other single step rises.

Popular Features Of Adjustable Aluminum Wheelchair Threshold Ramps

Are you looking for a solution to one or more doorways in your home that can be easily adjusted and is safe for everyday use? Below are the features of the adjustable aluminum threshold ramps. 

  • Slip Resistant with Extruded Tread - The surface of the aluminum threshold ramp has an extruded tread surface meaning it is slip-resistant and safe to use in any weather condition.
  • Adjustable Aluminum Ramp - The legs and swivel feet of this aluminum ramp are adjustable up to 2”. This is a great solution for uneven surfaces or doorways because the legs can be adjusted individually.

  • Free Standing and Portable Ramp - The design of this adjustable aluminum ramp is free standing and portable which is a great option for both doors that swing in and out.

  • Made of High-Strength Aluminum - Constructed of 100% aluminum, the adjustable aluminum threshold ramp will not rust or corrode with use and exposure to the elements.

Adjustable Wheelchair Threshold Ramps For Sale

The Adjustable Aluminum Threshold Ramps come with adjustable heights starting at 1-3/8" and can be raised to 5-7/8".  With these wheelchair threshold ramps you can accommodate many different heights and doorway needs requiring the need for an adjustable wheelchair threshold ramp to enter or exit your home.  This would be a great solution for swing in and swing out doorways, sliding door and single step rises. 




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