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Rent Temporary Wheelchair Ramps In Minnesota

People's mobility can change at any time due to age, illness, or disability. Renting a modular ramp is a great solution to make your home accessible quickly and affordably in MN.  LiveAbility offers affordable rental rates for modular ramps in all sizes and configurations. Each rental package complies with ADA guidelines and is made of durable aluminum so you can be sure you will have a sturdy, safe and maintenance-free entrance for your home. 

Portable Wheelchair Ramp Rentals

Rent temporary wheelchair ramps, portable wheelchair ramps and permanent wheelchair ramps in Minnesota.  Ramp lengths vary from 2-10' and can be configured to meet any length. ADA guidelines recommend a slope of 1:12 meaning for every inch of rise there should be 12" of ramp. Simply measure the distance from the ground or floor to the bottom of the door or threshold to get the rise. Platforms, stairs, and landing pads can also be added to increase the functionality and safety of your wheelchair ramp rental. 

 Temporary Wheelchair Ramp Rentals - Fast, Easy & Affordable

Reserve wheelchair ramp rentals today.  Get wheelchair ramp rentals in Minnesota installed by LiveAbility or install it yourself.  Save money and rent temporary and portable wheelchair ramps.

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